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If you have trouble getting a good night's sleep, suffer from headaches, eye fatigue or eye strain, you need to get yourself a pair of bluwinx blue light glasses. Bluwinx blue light glasses have been specially designed for those who spend long hours in front of their computer or looking into digital screens. Bluwinx eyeglasses have been clinically proven to relieve headaches, eye fatigue, eye strain, and even improve the quality of sleep. How Your bluwinx Glasses Are Made.

At bluwinx, we custom-make each pair of glasses. There, our technicians begin personalizing your lenses. Whether you ordered prescription or non-prescription glasses, our team of experts cut, edge and finish each lens according to your specifications. With meticulous precision, they insert your hand-crafted lenses into your chosen frame.

After one final inspection, our team carefully packages your new bluwinx blue light glasses and sends them your way! Advanced Blue Light Protection Technology.

At bluwinx, we pride ourselves in using only the finest materials to make your glasses. Our premium acetate and metal frames have been specially chosen based on their comfort, quality and originality of design. We fit every frame with bwgf lenses, the most advanced blue light blocking technology on the market.

Bwgf lenses filter up to 80% of HEV blue light, while allowing low energy blue light to pass through. Low energy blue light is essential for true color perception and maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm (the cycle that tells your body when to sleep and wake up).

Bwgf is revolutionizing the computer glasses scene by providing exceptional color vision. This means that all of our glasses come with no amber tint, allowing you to continue viewing the world in full color.

In addition to filtering out harmful blue light, bwgf lenses have been designed to wear during the daytime and nighttime, thus eliminating the need for multiple pairs of glasses. Each pair of bluwinx glasses offer 100% UV protection and come with an anti-reflective coating that prevents glare. All bluwinx glasses can be fit with your prescription.

Bluwinx glasses are now your everyday, all day glasses! Filter up to 80% of high energy visible blue light. Include anti-reflective coating on the front and back of our lenses.

What's Included with Your bluwinx Glasses. In addition to a hard case and cleaning cloth, each pair of bluwinx glasses comes with the promise of a good night's sleep.

We proudly stand behind our product, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our team at bluwinx believes that everyone has the right to a good night's sleep.
Mason -bw72    Mason -bw72